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6 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Victoria said:

    I really enjoy your website, and wish I would have stumbled upon it earlier.
    I was wondering if you could write about your experience(s) or knowledge regarding being played (although I know you have written on this topic before). I’m 26 and I dated a 37 year old man who convinced me (at the time) that he was ‘confused’ and had ‘never been in a situation like this before’ – as the situation was that he was interested in me and another older women and was dating us both. Needless to say I feel hard and really liked him (well thought I did), however things were never ‘clear’ from the start, and somehow I always felt manipulated and guilty throughout the whole thing. Well, after months of on and off, I finally cut it off, but he managed to creep in my life for a while until I let the other girl know that I had been seeing him. She said she didn’t know, but I sorta found out later that she did and I guess just didn’t like me ‘putting it out there’ and verbalizing it to her face.However, I was tactful, and I didn’t give my opinion about him or her or anything- I just said- I know you’re seeing him and that is fine, and I wanted you to know that I was seeing him in the summer. Needless to say, although it was a huge weight off of my shoulders and I feel great about it now, I did loose her as a friend- as I had known her before (we were not tight though). The guy didn’t really seem like he was done playing with me, as he would tell me he wanted to stay ‘friends’ and he would still msg me privately and ‘bump’ into me in public, etc. However, once he knew that I confronted her (as described above) he completely cut me off- but I was really relieved as this is what I needed, but struggled with doing on my own. I loved the attention, but I could never figure out why he couldn’t just hang out with me, and why I felt crazy and wondered where he was every time we were not together. I have only had one serious relationship in the past, and I never felt suspicious or like a ‘crazy bitch’ when that guy wasn’t around me- hells, we lived about 1.5 hours away from eachother for most of the relationship. I think it was my gut’s way of telling me that I didn’t trust this bastard with a 10ft pole. It definitely taught me a lot about myself, and that I definitely failed in listening to my gut feelings and I totally let my guard down, as I was in a rough place in my life when this vampire sucked my emotions and played me for a fool. Some days I hate myself for letting him do this to me, …and the crazy part is I sometimes wonder- what if he is different with her, or what if I was better with him but he royally fucked it up…and most of the time, I figured he doesn’t even care…especially if he treated me like that! I guess I can’t stop beating myself up about it…which is retarded b/c what’s done is done now. Am I relieved? Yes. Am I happy how I handled the whole situation? No. Is she still with him? As far as I know, yes. Do I care? Sometimes yes, however I”m trying not too. Do I feel like it will last between them? I know know, and I shouldn’t care, but sometimes I do- but then I remember that its their business and he is her problem now …b/c it just wasn’t working for me (obviously!)- as I’d NEVER do that to someone else. I’m not THAT person who really toys with people and I never will be. Anyways, I was wondering what you’re thoughts/feelings are on this. I’m still having getting problems getting passed this some days, and I am really worried about not dating again or letting other people screw with me. And, I wanted to ask you if you know if guys screw with a gals’ head while dating another one and maybe being ‘normal’ with them – at the same time? Or, is he totally not married for a reason – player, egotistical, and sociopathic (because he seems to fit that bill)? In either case, another perspective would be appreciated.


  2. The Girl With A Broken Heart said:

    Hi, my boyfriend of two months just broke up with me. He said the reason was he didn’t feel anything happening. And I was like we’ve only been together for like two months. You haven’t had enough time to get to know me. He also said he didn’t think our personality weren’t a good match. I’m not sure what that means. When we were together, we got along. I wa comfortable with him. I liked him. I’m not sure what happened to us.

  3. i just posted ur blog address on my FB page -You are so young yet so wise and write really well -good job! I am enjoying going back over the years, in the blog and reading randomly. I sometimes write in my blog but the entries get less and less -not that I am not out there,(?) LOL but it consumes so much of my time/. smile / Keep up the good work./robin

  4. Hi

    I’m in a long distance relationship and can’t communicate effeciently with my boyfriend. I find myself becoming frozen in my thoughts and don’t know what to say when i have to speak to him. The problem used to be when i see him face to face, now, it’s even on the phone when i’m away. I just become blank and don’t know what to say, while he’s carrying on- speaking endlessly and i’m answering whatever he’s saying. I also want to be like him and speak freely- what is my problem!

  5. Hi.
    First off wanted to say I found your blog thru another site, and they quoted something you said. You are a very soulful writer. I always look foward to getting a new post on my email. I have shared your Blogs with my friends. Well. The women friends. Ok I don’t have a lot of women friends. Poop
    Anyways I recently split with my gf and was hoping you could offer some of your advice. Although you admittedly don’t have a lot of advice to offer there, I think you are wiser than you give credit in your past posts.

    • Hi! thank you for your nice words. I’m sorry to hear about your recent break-up, but I’d love to hear about what happened with her. I just may have some insights…leave a message here or shoot me and e-mail. cheers!

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