So, my friend is…er…was…well I guess is, dating a guy. They live in different states. He asked her to come visit. It went great. Weekend was amazing, sex was good, conversations flowed easily.

Before the trip they talked/texted daily, since she’s returned home…nothing. One or two responses to an e-mail or text, but all very generic and short.


Now, in our girl minds we’ve taken into account that he hasn’t been in a relationship in years and the last one he was in ended poorly. She broke his heart, and whatever other awful things heartless girls are doing to you poor defenseless men out there these days (smile). And we have decided that he is just “scared” because he likes her but hasn’t been in a situation like this in a while. Now, this could easily all be bullshit. But if in this case it isn’t: Is being scared/nervous/unsure really a reason not to try out something that could be great?

I know that personally I have been scared of the awful things that could happen before dating someone seriously and most of my friends have too, but I’ve worked pretty hard an not letting it stop me from doing what seems right, or natural. And when I reflect it was only my fear of rejection or immaturity that stopped me…but knowing now that without having done those things I wouldn’t have experienced some great people or had some awesome stories for this blog…I have no regrets.

So I guess on this fine Monday afternoon, I can’t help but wonder, if we all have something to lose but also something to gain…what are you guys so scared of?